Patchouli & Guaiac Wood Bamboo Small Jar Candle
Patchouli & Guaiac Wood Bamboo Small Jar Candle
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Patchouli & Guaiac Wood Bamboo Small Jar Candle

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With a truly contemporary feel, this beautiful boutique decor small glass jar candle features hand-poured pure white soy wax in a choice of fragrances infised with glorious natural essential oils. Savour the scintillating scents whilst listening to the subtly soothing crackling of the responsibly sourced wooden wicks. Not only does the gorgeous unsealed light wood bamboo lid offer easy access to the candle but also make the perfect coaster on which to sit your Bamboo candle – an added eco-friendly bonus!

Top Note: Lemon
Middle Note: Patchouli
Base Note: Guaiac Wood

Burn time: up to 20 hours

Weight: 90g



Trim the candle wick to 5-10mm before each use.

Never move or re-light your candle until the flame is out and the wax completely solid.

Keep your candles away from drafts and do not burn near any flammable material.

Ensure wax pool does not contain trimmed wicks, matches or any other objects.

Always use an appropriate holder on a stable, heat-resistant surface.

Allow the wax to pool all the way to the outer edges of the jar which should avoid tunnelling and encourage the best fragrance throw.