Heart & Home - Twin Wick Jar Forever
Heart & Home - Twin Wick Jar Forever
Newmans Of Rothwell

Heart & Home - Twin Wick Jar Forever

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Encapsulating the essence of eternal love and togetherness, this uniquely perfumed fragrance is timeless and elegant with a vow of enduring mystery.

100% natural cotton wicks

Designed to curl to take tip of wick to hottest part of the flame to help reduce carbon build up

Natural soy wax blend

•  Cleaner burn
•  Great fragrance throw
•  Lower wax pool temperature
•  Kind to the environment
•  Biodegradable and renewable

Quality Fragrance

High levels of quality fragrance and essential oils, evenly distributed from top to bottom. Extensively researched, true-to-life scents sourced from top European fragrance houses

Distinctive design

Unique ellipse shape in semi-opaque coloured glass with white wax offering a wonderful burn experience when the wicks are lit

Soy is at the very heart of all H & H candles

Burns at a lower temperature – Safer than paraffin candles

Derived from natural vegetables

Soy wax spills clean up simply with soap and water

Cleaner Burn – Less nasty black soot, cleaner for the home and environment

Biodegradable, natural and renewable

Holds scent well so the last burn is as strong as the first