Rosewood & Vanilla - Bamboo Wax Melt

Rosewood & Vanilla - Bamboo Wax Melt



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    Rosewood & Vanilla

    Bamboo Wax Melt


    If you love organic, woody fragrances and are searching for something a little different in your wax melts then look no further! With an almost soap-like feel, these gorgeous little square melts offer a modern twist on the more traditional round shape. With the unique Bamboo branding creating a stand-out impression and a choice of four scents, these hand poured soy wax melts make an ideal gift or self-purchase and are the perfect accompaniment to our eye-catching wooden Wax Melt Warmer.


    Top Note: Madagascan Vanilla
    Middle Note: Brazilian Rosewood
    Base Note: Sandalwood

    Fragrance time: up to 12 hours

    Weight: 26g