Oudwood & Geranium - Bamboo Fragrance

Oudwood & Geranium - Bamboo Fragrance Spray



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    Oudwood & Geranium

    Bamboo Fragrance Spray


    These bottled room sprays exude simple, yet sophisticated elegance with frosted glass and gold chromed lids. Designed for smaller rooms where a quick spray brings instant freshness in a choice of four irresistible scents. If eco-friendly is part of your lifestyle choice then these room sprays are the perfect alternative to the pressurised aerosol versions which can be harsher on the environment. Also, being primarily water-based, our sprays are not flammable and can be used to freshen up fabrics – stylish and sustainable – the perfect combination!

    Top Note: Rose
    Middle Note: Geranium
    Base Note: OudWood

    Fragrance time: over 1500 sprays

    Weight: 100ml