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What we buy

K E Y   C U T T I N G


We now offer a complete Key Cutting service here in store at Newmans Of Rothwell. With prices from just £4 and a quick whilst you wait service.

W A T C H   B A T T E R I E S   &   R E P A I R S


With over 50 batteries in stock we have stock ready to fit in store to get your favourite timepiece going again. If your watch does require further attention we do offer a free of charge estimate service. We will obtain an estimate for the work that needs to be carried out in order to get your watch working again. We will then contact you with the estimate. You may accept the estimate and agree to have the required work carried out or decide not to go ahead with the repair and have your watch back within 7 days. All of our repairs are gauranteed for a 12 month period.


Is your watch too big or too small?

We can add or remove links to give you the perfect fit. This can be done on site whilst you wait.


Do you require a new watch strap?

We hold 100's of watch straps in stock in a variety of colours and sizes. With prices from just £4.99!


Is your watch due a service?

We have and continue to do so carry out services on all major brands of watch including Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Cartier, IWC, Longines and many more. We also carry out sevices on most major fashion brands including: Michael Kors,  Armani, Gucci, Diesel, DKNY, Hugo Boss, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rotary, Seconda, Tissot and many more. All services are guaranteed for a 12 month period.


We don't just stop at Watches either, we will always have a look at any clocks that require repair or maintenance also.

H E L I U M   B A L L O O N S   &   P A R T Y   S U P P L I E S


We have ballons for all occasions. Wether it is an individual balloon you require or specially arranged bunches for parties and events we have all bases covered. If you are having your party locally in Rothwell we will even deliver and help set up if required.

TELEPHONE: 01536 660758


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